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Product FAQs

Requests for Additional Information or more pictures of an item?

We are constantly trying to get as much information about each of our products to put on our site, however, we deal in a very large volume of items so much of our product listing process needs to be automated and sometimes the information we are able to gather quickly is all we can obtain. Requests for more information or additional pictures may not be able to be honored.

Best Offer or Discounted Pricing?

Our prices are firm, we are unable to negotiate individual items prices. Our staff constantly checks our prices against our competition to ensure we are offering our items at the lowest prices.

Stock or Backorder requests?

The stock we list on our website is all the stock we currently have available. We update our inventory every day, however, so please subscribe to our newsletter and check back often.

Windows COA Labels/Cover Doors?

We do not sell Windows COA Labels. In images of our cover doors we make every effort to ensure the Windows COA is unreadable/unusable. Please do not purchase cover doors in an attempt to purchase the Windows COA label, it will not be included with the cover.

Item Compatability Requests?

The parts listed on our website are listed with the Make/Model/Brand of the laptop we pulled it from and that is typically all. We are unable to determine the compatability of parts on an individual basis, however, we have built a guide on how to check laptop parts compatability that we hope helps in your search.

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